Ms. Fiona Goulding

Guidance Counsellor

Career Guidance and Counselling at Coláiste Treasa Kanturk

Guidance Services

Coláiste Treasa offers students a broad range of subjects in
Junior and Senior Cycle.  It also offers a full array of services, activities
and interventions which aid students in making important life decisions
as well as supporting them in the many challenges and difficulties
students face in this ever-changing world.  Upholding the ethos of our
school, we aim to help the students reach their fullest potential in each
facet of their development focusing on three key areas:
 Personal & Social
 Educational
 Vocational/Career
Guidance and Counselling aim to support students as they progress
through their second-level education.

Counselling is available to all students in Coláiste Treasa.
The aim is to help students to achieve their potential and to support
their happiness in school. This is achieved by giving students the
opportunity and space to discuss problems which are creating
difficulty in their lives.

Guidance aims to equip students with the knowledge they need in
order to make an informed decision about their future after their
Leaving Certificate. This is achieved through a mixture of weekly
classes and individual appointments. Classes allow students to
become familiar with all aspects of college applications. Individual
appointments focus on the needs and goals of each student.