Mr. Geraghty

Ms. McSorely

Guidance Counsellors

Guidance at Our Lady’s Secondary School

Guidance at Our Lady’s Secondary School refers to the learning experience provided to assist students to develop self-management skills which will lead to effective choices and decisions about their lives. The key developmental areas of focus are: Personal/Social, Educational, Vocational (Careers).

The School Guidance Programme will:

  • Be accessible

  • Be student-centered

  • Be inclusive

  • Be balanced

  • Be responsive

  • Respect confidentiality

  • Make full use of resources

Through consultation with relevant teachers and programme coordinators, Guidance will take place on an Individual, Group and Class basis, with 5th & 6th Year Students having a timetabled Careers Class each week.

The Guidance Counselors, Mr. Geraghty and Ms Mc Sorley are available to meet with all students and their Parents/Guardians to discuss the individual needs of the students of OLSS, in relation to their educational, personal and vocational development.

The guidance section of this website offers advice and information in relation to careers and college, personal development, wellbeing, emotional and mental health as well as links to support services in the community and elsewhere. 

Should a parent / guardian wish to make an appointment with one of our Guidance Counselors, please do not hesitate to contact the school office.