Career Guidance in St. Brigid’s College.

The aim of the Guidance Service, in keeping with the school ethos, is to assist and challenge each pupil to become aware of and reach their fullest potential in each facet of their development

The Guidance Counselling service is in part of a whole school enterprise and provides for the development needs of all its students in the three key areas: Personal and Social, Educational and Vocational.

  • To equip students with the necessary skills that will enable them to independently research their career interests and make their own decisions about their future career choices.
  • To facilitate students in assessing their interests and abilities, fostering a sense of personal responsibility for identifying future educational/vocational goals.
  • To ensure students are aware of all available options post Leaving Certificate so that they understand the pathways leading to their career goals.
  • Provide experiences that promote career development and prepare students for the transition to work/higher education.
  • To support students in coping with the pressures of school and family life.
  • To prepare students for the world of work by offering them opportunities for work experience in senior cycle.

Guidance and Counselling Service

The Guidance Counselling service includes:

  • One-to-one counselling
  • Career and vocational guidance
  • Assessment
  • Referral
  • Record Keeping
  • Guidance and Vocational Activities
  • Dissemination of information
  • Consultation with management and other parties


Referral of Students

The referral team is made up of Guidance Counsellors and Principal or Deputy Principal.

The team meet weekly formally.

Links: The Guidance Counsellor links with Special Education Department, Referral Team and Pastoral Care Team on a regular basis.

Further information available from the Guidance Department upon request.


Diane Charleton

Diane Charleton

Guidance Counsellor